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Which band member is most intelligent?
Cappy (18%)
Fingers (17%)
Bullet (16%)
Izzy (16%)
Jovis (15%)
Guy (15%)


Written and hosted by
Way Too K Contracts

Pics and Videos: Bovis Videos

Jovis does a solo performance for Jeff Quint's birthday. Click on Video below!

Watch the Bovis music video below!

The following video clips are from Bovis Live At Beale St.!

Bovis performs "Helter Skelter" at Pine St.

Bovis performs "Take Me Out" at the Star Talent Show!

"I'M GOIN' TO LIVERMORE!" Enjoy this video of "Seven nation Army" featuring Bullet doing a slide guitar solo with a screwdriver!

Bovis enocunters super-fan Stonie-wan Kenobi after Pine St. show.

Bovis performs "500 Miles" at their first show!

A brief look inside a Bovis band practice where we learn the song "Rebel Yell" and insult Guy's drumming abilities.

Encore from the Bovis Holiday Show 12/22/2007

Jovis discusses a bass-line and it's impact on his soul.