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Which band member is most intelligent?
Cappy (18%)
Fingers (17%)
Bullet (16%)
Izzy (16%)
Jovis (15%)
Guy (15%)


Written and hosted by
Way Too K Contracts

Welcome to the NEWS AND MEDIA page! This is the place to find all your Bovis press coverage and media appearances.

Immigrant keyboard player Cappy Bovis ruins Obama's chances! Watch video below.

Below is a letter Bovis recieved in recognition of their darknad-obliterating charity work, and a copy of the NBTF newsletter that highlights the Bovis Holiday Show as a top fundraiser for 2007 (2nd column, 4th down) along with a picture of Miss November and her sister (2nd pic to the left, not the golfers).

NBTF Letter


12/22/2007 - Sir William Neil a.k.a. Cappy Bovis promotes the Bovis Holiday Show on 95.7 The Wolf! Click on the link below to listen!

http://www.wearebovis.com/images/masterpiece.mp3 95.7 The Wolf

2/28/2008 - The following is the band write up in the program from the STAR Talent Show. Whoever wrote this loves us!

"BOVIS is one of the top five cover bands consisting of 3 Americans and 2 Englishmen currently working the East Bay circuit today! The band features Mike French on lead vocals, Martin Bainbridge on lead guitar, Bowe Carter on bass, Dan Hagen on drums, and Sir William Neil on keyboards. They perform rock standards and obscuities from the past four decades. The band boasts a stage show of flashy lights, fog, and inflatables, that only emboldens the performers enthusiasm and infectious costume choices. There is no shortage of leather pants, eye make-up, and wigs, and it's not because the band is trying to over-compensate for a lack of musical talent, they are just THAT good!"