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Which band member is most intelligent?
Cappy (18%)
Fingers (17%)
Bullet (16%)
Izzy (16%)
Jovis (15%)
Guy (15%)


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Bovis Blog

Keep your eye-orbs on the blog for messages from band members and general thoughts on all things Bovis!

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IRON MAIDEN at Concord Pavillion 6/21/2010
Guy and Jovis made an appearance at the Maiden show. No, tehy didn't perform with Maiden, but they did rock out hard and watch a drunk chick ralph in a garbage can in the beer line. Sweet. The show was epic, and if you ever get the chance to see Iron maiden, do not hesitate to do so!

Fingers and Jovis made an appearance at Live 105's Not So Silent Night concert featuring Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Death Cab For Cutie, and The Killers. Bovis was absent from the bill this year (for reasons unkown), however Bovis didn't go unrepresented as both Franz Ferdinand and The Killers played Bovis covers "Take Me Out" and "Read My Mind" respectively. It should also be noted that Bovis drummer Guy spent the night before hanigng out with Killers front man Brandon Flowers so it was no surprise a Bovis staple would be in their Set List.
Franz Ferdinand was the hardest rocking band of the night and honored Bovis with hits like "This Fire". Bloc Party turned in a forgettable set which sent Fingers and Jovis to the beer stands. Death Cab was awesome and made all the girls cry when they played "Follow You Into The Dark", but Bovis did not cry. Lastly The Killers played and were more enjoyable than expected, which pleased Jovis and Fingers. Overall, awesome show. Bovis approves.


-Unecessary amounts of fog, lights, lasers, fire, and explosions: check.
-Tommy Lee distributing bottles of Jagermeister and Absinth to the front row: check.
-All forms of lesbian porn and bondage imagery accompanying songs: check.
-Tommy Lee taking 15 minutes out of the set to use a Tittie-Cam: check.
-Cheetah-print spandex: check.
-Douchebag in home-made leather jacket with POISON, LED ZEPPLIN, and DEF LEPPARD on the back (in that order): check.
-Upon passing the Crue's tour bus they were rocking hard core porn: check.
-Shoreline sells giant Coronas a.k.a. scuba tanks: check.
-There's a Burger King in Mountain View that is covered in 49er murals and memorabilia: Big Check.
-The Crue only played 2 new songs: check.
-Motley Crue still rocks hard: check.

-Encore only one song (Home Sweet Home): check.
-Propositioned for narcotics: check.
-Opening bands were Papa Roach and Buckcherry: check.
-Shoreline stops serving booze after show starts: check.
-Nikki Sixx took a few minutes of our time to speak and make absolutely no sense: check.
-Played almost everything except for Too Fast For Love which would have been rad: check.
-Vince Neil asked the crowd to sing entirely too many times: check.

On a side note I don't think I properly explained how ridiculous the amount of lights, lasers, fog, fire, and explosions was. It was utter chaos to the point that you could not see the band for most of the show. At one point sparks rained down from either side of the stage so intensely that I thought Nikki Sixx was going to catch on fire. Awesome show!

In honor of Bovis's upcoming show in San Francisco, we present to you a ruthless video featuring one of S.F.'s native sons, Huey Lewis! It also features some tight dance moves, stylish chicks, and a delorean!

Bovis has received it's first official piece of fan mail all the way from Australia! G'day! Due to a mild stroke the letter's author Ben Neil has been suffering from a slight case of dementia and has signed the fan mail Bindi Iriwin, daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. His penmanship has also been impaired, so we will transcribe the letter below for those who can't read his crippled scrawl.

"Yo Bovis,
You rock my world! I think your drummer looks like a douche, you should drop him! Enjoy your beers cold.
Bindi Irwin xxx"

In addition to the letter Ben included 5 beer coozies to infact keep our beers cold. We have already used them at practice and are grateful for Ben/Bindi's generosity and fandom. Lastly, we've disregarded Ben's request for us to drop our "douche" drummer simply on the grounds of the aforementioned stroke and the fact that he calls us Bovez half the time. Thanks all the same Ben Neil, you rock dude!
Fan Mail!

The envious eyes of Bovis are on Judas Priest because of fans like these. Bovis should be so lucky!


Want to know what it would be like if Slash were cloned into 4 people and formed a kick-ass metal band? Then read "The Dirt", the autobiography of Motley Crue. I can tell you right now that Oprah would not approve. There are a lot of similarities to the Slash book. Both include someone coming back from the dead after a heroin overdose, multiple stories involving a bottle of Jack Daniels being thrown at something (hotel televison) or someone (Japanese train conductor, Duff), difficult lead singers who either quit/fire the band, intercourse with strippers and porn stars, and eccentric purchases (race cars, mountain lion). The excesses depicted in "The Dirt" are at times hilarious, stupefying, and heart breaking, much like Oprah's book club selections. For those who are unfamiliar with Motley's antics and enjoy cautionary tales of debauchery and fornication with a smattering of rock and roll, then go pick up a copy of "The Dirt".


Get out of here Oprah and take your book club with you! Remember "A Million Little Pieces", the gritty autobiography about addiciton and rehab that turned out to be fabricated wank? You should because it was in your book club. In the "Bovis Book Club" we only read REAL gritty autobiographies about addiciton, rehab, and suicide. I give you "SLASH" by Slash and Anthony Bozza. This book is bad-ass!

Among the featured accounts of Slash's excess are:
- He owned a pet mountain lion named "Curtis".
- He would routinely destroy every headlight, window, and mirror in any rental van he drove for no reason other than boredom.
- He has a pacemaker in his heart due to a decade of binge drinking. Wow!
- OD'd on heroin multiple times and still had the balls to kick his drummer out of the band for using heroin. That's the pot calling the kettle Slash!

This book is full of insightful rock tales, and documents the rise and eventual fall of one of the greatest hard-rock bands ever. Don't listen to Oprah people, put down your copy of "Weekends at Morrie's" and get yourself a copy of "Slash", it's entertaining as hell!
As the holidays approach I'd like to present a video for the song "Christmas With The Family" by my favorite country singer Robert Earl Keene. Yes, I realize a lot of people hate country and Bovis doesn't play any, but I like Robert Earl Keene, so deal with it. Feliz Navidad Bobby Earl!
"Quiet Riot" frontman Kevin DuBrow died in Las Vegas of unkown causes like a true rocker. Feel the noise one last time with this sweet-ass video of "Metal Health". R.I.P.
Behold the original Bovis...Ted!
In honor of the launch of our website this week I present the following video because it's A) kick-ass and B) features Sebastian Bach. Thanks for checking out the site. Much love!
In honor of Springsteen's triumphant return to rock and Oakland CA, I am officially declaring this Boss Week on wearebovis.com. See you friday Boss.

"In the end, nobody wins unless everybody wins."
-Bruce Springsteen
New week, new video. I'm dedicating this video to our drummer Guy because his fire is out of control. Enjoy!
If Bovis were an intergalactic space saga it would look like this!
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Hey dudes, thanks for checking out our webssite. This is my video pick of the week. It's Springsteen and the E Street Band back to rockin' form, plus you've gotta love Steve Van Zandt sportin' the sunglasses in a poorly lit room.
A little candy for the earholes. Thanks Boss.