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Which band member is most intelligent?
Cappy (18%)
Fingers (17%)
Bullet (16%)
Izzy (16%)
Jovis (15%)
Guy (15%)


Written and hosted by
Way Too K Contracts

About Bovis

Jovis Bovis Jovis Bovis
Lead Singer

A self-proclaimed carnivore of rock with a flare for the dramatic, and a member of the L.A. chapter of The Boss Club since 2001. His favorite rockers are David Lee Roth, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, and Shamick Bindra. Jovis is a manic-depressive boa enthusiast, certified in CPR and enjoys martial arts.
Cappy Bovis Cappy Bovis

Captain of the band. Provides moral support and equipment storage. Has never onced scavenged an ashtray for partially smoked cigarettes in the wee hours of the morning. Enjoys Prison Break during hiatus of superior shows. Immigrant.
Fingers Bovis Fingers Bovis
Bass Guitar

Bovis' chewy center. Rights what was once wrong, hoping each time his next leap will be the leap home. Able to crush a child's dreams just by looking at them.
Guy Bovis Guy Bovis

Devours drumsticks, symbols, and double-bacon cheeseburgers. Loves the Oakland A's, 49ers, Helmet, and Forest Park. Notorious for defacing property at Dan's Bar and Grill. Has a cat named Eli. Occasionally fired from the band..
Bullet Bovis Bullet Bovis
Lead Guitar

Likes the Patriots and Formula 1 Racing. Wants a Flying V guitar so he can finally pull off the on-stage BOVIS logo he's so desperately wanted to try. Harbors an unhealthy obsession with his Wii. Hates the song "Christmas Shoes".
Izzy Bovis Izzy Bovis
Rythm Guitar

Shreds, melts faces, deserves respect! Brings Bovis the sound it so badly deserves! Runs fast!

Honorary Bovis Members

We are Bovis! Betty Bovis

Original band member and mother of Bovis of the Month "Stelly Beans."
Will Bad-Boy MacBovis Willy Bad-Boy MacBovis

Straight from the Highlands of rock!
Destiny Von Halen Destiny Von Halen
Air Guitar

3 time air guitar champion DVH adds flare and humanity to many a Bovis show!
Sexy Ha Sexy Ha

Elevates many a Bovis show with his sax and his sense of adventure. Keeps it sexy!
Sexy Ha Tommy Chez

Makes "Shark Week" look tame!